Little Bum Diapers


Our little bum microfiber diapers are a two-part cloth diaper system that consists of a waterproof outer cover and microfiber inserts. The waterproof outer cover has a pocket opening in the inner layer to accommodate the inserts. Once stuffed, it is just like an all-in-one cloth diaper or a disposable diaper. Each diaper comes with one waterproof outer shell and 2 microfiber inserts.


  • Flexible waist adjustment - Multiple snaps allow for a flexible waist setting to fit a wide range of babies
  • Multiple size options to fit any newborn - 3 rows of snap buttons transform the diaper from small to medium and to large
    • Size Small (4-7lbs) - Snap the top row button into the lowest row button
    • Size Medium (7-9lbs) - Snap the top row button into the middle row button
    • Size Large (9-12lbs) - Leave button un-snapped
  • Use as diaper cover - ​The outer shell can also be used as a diaper cover over your favourite pre-fold or fitted diapers​

available prints and colours

Please see our current catalog for print and colour samples.