There are two common cause of leaks:

  • The diaper that doesn't fit properly
  • The diaper isn't absorbing properly

Crotch or gusset leaks are the most common and are typically caused by a diaper that is too loose. The diaper must be snug, with the leg openings snug around baby's legs. There's stretch in the diaper cover - use that to your advantage! Snug in the waistband will help prevent top leaks.

If your diapers are not absorbing well, the diapers may need to be stripped to rid them of build-up and lingering smells.  Stripping diapers is essentially the same process as prepping your diapers before baby arrives, with the option of adding in a cloth diaper stripper in one of the loads.  Diaper stripping is recommended every 6 months (approximately) to ensure maximum absorbancy and cleanliness.

TIP: We use RLR Laundry Treatment every six months