To avoid lingering diaper smells, the following regular wash routine is recommended: (may vary depending on your laundry machines)

  • Wash in hot water, use a heavy duty or sanitize cycle
  • If available, add or program extra wash time on your washer
  • Cold rinse is fine, add extra rinse time if your machine will allow
  • Use detergent based on the approximate size of the load
    • If your pail liner is full, use a regular portion of detergent (15+ diapers)
    • If your pail liner is half-full, use half portion of detergent
      • Please use a detergent that is free from scents and dyes. Don't use anything that could irritate baby's sensitive bum or cause the diapers to develop a barrier and reduce absorption (NOTE: Natural detergents with essential oils are NOT recommended)
  • Do not use fabric softener.  It will build up on the diapers and prevent them from absorbing properly.

 TIP: We've used the Free and Clear​ detergent from Costco without issue

Drying in the dryer is optional. To extend the life of your diapers, it is recommended to hang them to dry. That being said, who has time for that?! Dry on low heat. If you're using a dry sensor setting, make sure it's set to extra dry as the microfibre inserts hold moisture longer.

TIP: Hanging diapers to dry in the sun will naturally bleach your diapers, keeping them looking their best.

If you notice that your diapers are holding on to smell, or if you notice that you're having a lot of leaks and the diapers don't seem to be absorbing well, there's a couple of options:

  • Strip the diapers in the same way you did when preparing then for first use, or
  • Use a laundry additive such as RLR Laundry Treatment or Grovia Mighty Bubbles to remove build-up
    • These types of treatments should be needed infrequently (once every six months)
    • If you find that you're needing to strip your diapers more often, adjust your wash routine (add wash/rinse, change temp)
    • Some parents have reported that OxyClean can also be used to reduce build-up and smell
    • Any enzyme-busting laundry additive is an option - read reviews to see if it has been used with cloth diapers successfully


Stuffing Diapers

The diapers in our cloth diaper packages are a pocket style cloth diaper. The inserts are fully removable. We recommend removing the inserts prior to washing them. We've made a habit of removing the inserts as they go on the diaper pail.

After everything is dry, throw all your wipes, inserts and covers into your clean diaper pail bag (this is why there's two!) and have a diaper stuffing party! Practice makes you faster, but it's also a great task to get friends and family to help with. We found having the diapers pre-stuffed made it easier during bum changes.